Research and Development

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We own the largest penicillin injection facilities in Indonesia that is in accordance to the international standards. The international standards facility and the certifications from both Indonesian and Japanese governments have gained us the trust from other pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia and in the world to do a toll-in manufacturing and export. To maintain the quality of our products and to secure a good quality, we built a facility to produce our own Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

Some of our superior products are antibiotics such as Fosmicin, Meiact, Vicillin - SX and non antibiotics such as Adant Dispo to treat degenerative osteoarthritis (knee-joint pain) which has been prescribed for more than 3 million syringes in 31 countries in the world.

We also produce superior over-the-counter drugs such as Orodin, the only antiseptic spray that contains Povidone Iodine to kill laryngitis causing bacteria and SP Troches lozenges to treat bacterial infection and mouth-and-throat fungi that combines antiseptic and herbs to relieve throat problems.

Raw Material Handling

The facilities in which to receive, store and dispatch materials and sample takings for quality control are designed with the highest standards of safety. The buildings are separated from one another to prevent error dispatching unchecked materials.

Production Process Inspection

Thorough inspections from raw materials to ready products to ensure our quality is in accordance to the regulations and specifications in terms of product identification, content, potency, purity, stability and sterility.

Stability and Potency Test

After undergoing rigorous and layered tests during the production process, all products must undergo stability and potency tests before they are released to the market.

Building Architecture and Space Allocations

Our productions facilities have separate air processing system in accordance to the room contamination level requirements. The division is a requirement to achieve aseptic room condition that is needed to guarantee safety by eliminating the possibility of product contamination.