PT. Meiji Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries

CSR in 2022 conducted by Factory, Bangil

CSR in 2022 conducted by Factory, Bangil

CSR in 2022 conducted by Factory, Bangil


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 2022

Oleh: Jihan Qoumy


What is CSR? CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, which is a program of corporate social responsibility to the environment around the company. Did PT. Meiji Indonesia have done any CSR? Of course, the answer is yes.

This time we will discuss about what CSR programs have been carried out by PT. Meiji Indonesia – especially Bangil Factory in 2022. This CSR program has been carried out since PT. Meiji Indonesia has been established until now. The CSR program itself can be distributed into various fields such as education, development and rejuvenation of surrounding villages, soft skills development for local youth organization, donations for Religious & National Holidays celebrations, and maintenance of shared facilities in the area around the factory area.

Why do we have to do this CSR program? Because the factory has a responsibility for social sensitivity and contribution to the sustainable development of the surrounding environment.

The following is documentation of the CSR program delivery for the last 4 months (May - August 2022) to several Institutions around Bangil Factory:

The distribution of 476 Eid Al-Fitr gifts in villages around the factory, including Latek Village, Mojoparon Village, Pekoren Village and Pekoren Indah Housing, Masangan Village, Raci Village, and Manaruwi Village.

Symbolic giving of sacrificial animals to Raci Village, Masangan Village, Manaruwi Village, Bangil District, and Rembang District.

In addition, on the commemoration of Eid al-Adha this year in July 2022, Bangil Factory held the slaughter of sacrificial animals in the form of 6 cows and 3 goats. The results from the slaughter of the qurban are distributed to the areas around the Factory, including Pekoren Village, Mojoparon Village, Mojokopek Barat Hamlet, Latek Village RW.001, and Mojoparon Village, Dusun Balungparen, which is the Ring I area of the Bangil Factory CSR area. The distribution was continued to Pekoren Village, Ketimang Hamlet and Pekoren Hamlet, Latek Village, Kaliteluh Hamlet, and East Mojokopek Hamlet, which are Bangil Factory CSR Ring II areas.

The committee did the chopping of meat to be distributed to the community around the factory.

From the results of this meet chopping, 1,307 packs of meat were obtained, consisting of 1,204 beef and 103 packs of mutton, each weighing 0.5 kg. The meat from the slaughter is distributed to the area around the factory in an orderly manner and according to health protocols. Hopefully meat given by PT. Meiji Indonesia can bring blessings and benefit the community around the Factory.



CSR activity in the form donation of learning facilities (Laptop, LCD Projector, Sound System, etc.) to 6 Elementary Schools, 2 Madrasah Ibtida'iyah, and 2 Social Institutions around the factory.


CSR activity in the form donation of embroidery machines and overlays of 1 unit each to Social Institutions around the factory.

With the provision of CSR, it is hoped that the relationship between the company and the surrounding environment can be better and can create a harmonious and mutually beneficial work environment for the good.

This CSR program will continue in the future, hopefully the benefits will also continue and can be felt by future generations.