PT. Meiji Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries



As a form of Company CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), then PT. Meiji Indonesia Manufacturing Division, Bangil Factory held a Free Health and Medical Examination activity to the village community surrounding the factory. There are 4 villages and 1 sub-district targeted for this activity:

  1. Latek Sub-district, Bangil District
  2. Pekoren Village, Rembang District
  3. Mojoparon Village, Rembang District
  4. Village Masangan, Bangil District
  5. Raci Village, Bangil District

Prior to this activity, the CSR team of the factory, HR & GA Section and OSHE Section first communicated with the Village and Sub-district office about the activity plan and also coordinated with Rembang Community Health Center covering Pekoren and Mojoparon Village and also Raci Community Health Center, including Raci Village , Masangan Village, and Latek Sub-district.

After coordinating and communicating with the Village, Sub-district, and Comunity Healt Center, the implementation schedule was obtained. Before the day of activity, each Village / Sub-district is given 200 coupons to be distributed to the community. The coupon will be used as a sign of citizen registration to attend the medical examination and free treatment.

The implementation of this activity starts from Pekoren Village, held at Pekoren Village Hall on 30 August 2016. Then on 1 September 2016 which is held at Mojoparon Village Hall. The activity starts at 07.00 and ends at 14.00. The implementation of this activity involves medical officers and doctors from Rembang and Raci Community Health Center as an examiner of activities who are also assisted by some female students of RSUD Pasuruan. The Apothecary of PT. Meiji Indonesia, who are a member of the Indonesian Pharmacist Association, also took part in this activity by counseling about drug awareness to families with the program "DaGuSiBu" which stands for how to get drugs, how to use drugs, how to save drugs and how to dispose of drugs correctly.








Then the activities were carried out in Kelurahan Latek on 15 September 2016 at Latek Village Hall, then Masangan Village on 20 September 2016 at Masangan Village and Raci Village on 21 September 2016 at Raci Village Hall.

Overall, this activity is successful and the interest of the community is quite big, even some community members say that this activity can be done regularly considering the benefits obtained by the community.

Hopefully, by doing this free medical checkup and treatment, community health level can increase in general and PT. Meiji Indonesia can continue to provide benefits and positive impact to the community as one of the stakeholders.