PT. Meiji Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries

About Meiji

As a pioneer of quality antibiotics since its foundation in 1974, PT. Meiji Indonesia as a subsidiary of Meiji Seika Pharma Co.,Ltd. Japan, is currently one of the few players in this sector delivering highest production quality standards in Indonesia.

R&D Activities

SinceĀ its establishment in 1974, PT. Meiji Indonesia continues to research and develop quality products to meet the needs of Indonesia's domestic market as well as overseas markets such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and others. Our research and development activities not only focus on antibiotic products but we also do research and development on various products such as ethical prod ...

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Doctor Site

Welcome to the Website of PT Meiji Indonesia, this Doctor site displays all products marketed by PT Meiji Indonesia, with categories of products such as OTC, medicines to be prescribed by doctors (Ethical Products), and Veterinary Drugs.

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