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~Show Us Your Charming Skin~


"The beauty of women always fascinates whoever sees it. Therefore, I wish for all women, especially Indonesian women, to always be able to maintain their beauty. "

These are words spoken by Mr. Masashi Onishi as Sales & Marketing Director of PT. Meiji Indonesia in his opening speech of Sakura Collagen Grand Launching event on March 31st , 2017. This Grand Launching event aimed to introduce the latest skin care products from PT. Meiji Indonesia to a large audience, which was held at Peacock Lounge, Fairmont Jakarta Hotel from 15.30 to 17.30 WIB. The event was well attended by socialite guests, doctors, partner companies, journalists, and Board of Directors along with Shareholders of PT. Meiji Indonesia.

In this event, hosted by MC Indy Barends, the participants celebrated the ribbon cutting ceremony lead by Mr. Masanobu Satoh as President Director of PT. Meiji Indonesia, to mark the inauguration of Sakura Collagen Grand Launching. In addition, all participants were pampered with lunch while they were paying attention to testimonials from Ms. Nina Kaginda about her experience using Sakura Collagen and product explanation by dr. Armansjah Dara Sjahruddin, Sp. KK or commonly known as Doctor Dara. In this occasion, participants were given chance to ask questions directly to Doctor Dara  about Sakura Collagen product and skin problem.










This event was also enlivened with entertainment from Life in 360, an interactive photo booth for the participants to capture their moment in this Sakura Collagen Grand Launching event.

Sakura Collagen product launching and this event went smoothly and festive thanks to the hard work from all colleagues of PT. Meiji Indonesia, from Product Development team at Bangil Factory who had succeeded in developing innovative skin care product Sakura Collagen, as well as Sales & Marketing team, especially OTC team who had planned and supervised this event.

As closing statement, in accordance with the opening speech that had been expressed by Mr. Onishi at the beginning of the event that we,  PT. Meiji Indonesia hopes that our innovative skin care product, Sakura Collagen, can help Indonesian women to maintain their beauty and skin charm every time.


About Sakura Collagen

Sakura Collagen is an innovative anti AGE's product in cream base with Sakura Extract and Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Type 1 as main ingredients. Sakura Extract has a function to inhibit aging process. Hydroliyzed Fish Collagen Type 1 has a function to boost collagen production and maintain skin elasticity.


Different from the regular skin care products, Sakura Collagen works from deep within to protect your skin from the aging process. Sakura Collagen is clinically proven effective to inhibit the aging process, non-irritant, and safe to use. Sakura Collagen keeps your skin healthy and charming with regular use.