PT. Meiji Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries



This year, PT. Meiji Indonesia is entering its 45th year. At the same time, the historic moment of PT. Meiji Indonesia also increased, namely the inauguration of the new Head Office building. In April, precisely on Monday, April 22, 2019, the new Head Office building of PT. Meiji Indonesia was inaugurated by Mr. Masahiko Matsuo (Chairman and Representative Director of Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.) and Mr. Daikichiro Kobayashi (President and Representative Director of Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.).

The Opening Ceremony, which opened the new office, was attended by approximately 80 guests consisting of shareholders, partners, distributors, and also Japanese media. Notably, Mr. Keiichi Ono, who is the Deputy Ambassador of Japan Embassy, ??was one of the guests at the event. The series of events at the Opening Ceremony of the New Headquarters consisted of two sessions, namely morning and evening sessions. Morning session was a formal event for the inauguration of the new PT Headquarters building. Meiji Indonesia by cutting the ribbon by VIP guests. While the evening session is a dinner together amongst the various guests.

The event went smoothly and now the employees of PT. Meiji Indonesia have worked in the new office, which is located at Jalan Prof. Dr. Soepomo No. 40, South Jakarta. We officially started operations at the new Head Office on May 13, 2019, together with the date of the establishment of PT. Meiji Indonesia.

The new Head Office has one basement and three floors. This office was designed not only by considering a comfortable workplace environment, but also considering the health of employees with the concept of "Healthy Building *" construction. For example, the office / work floor layout is designed to encourage employees to always use the stairs when moving. This office also has a "Communication Area" which is a place for employees to conduct brief meetings, consultations or small sharing sessions in the open. This is so that employees can move their bodies daily while working, which results in improved employee health. Sunlight also illuminates the entire workspace naturally, complementing the concept of "Healthy Building".

Welcoming the inauguration of this new Head Office, we, employees of PT. Meiji Indonesia will continue to work smarter and more effectively for our future progress together.

 * Healthy Buildings: Neologisms / Words of creation that express the concept of building construction so that employees can work in a healthy and creative manner.