PT. Meiji Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries

R&D Activities

SinceĀ its establishment in 1974, PT. Meiji Indonesia continues to research and develop quality products to meet the needs of Indonesia's domestic market as well as overseas markets such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and others. Our research and development activities not only focus on antibiotic products but we also do research and development on various products such as ethical products, OTC (Over The Counter), skin care, and health supplements. In developing a product, we always put forward the aspects of security, quality, and efficacy. We are also continuously seeking "New Value" in developing new products and continuously innovating products that have been in circulation to meet consumer needs.

Research and development at PT. Meiji Indonesia, supported by professionals who have a lot of experience and competence that excel in the field and equipped with the latest facilities that have met international standards. Products research and development of our professionals have been marketed and well received by the pharmaceutical market of Indonesia.