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Meiji Indonesia Will Soon Launch a New Variant, SP Troches Mint!

Meiji Indonesia Will Soon Launch a New Variant, SP Troches Mint!

Meiji Indonesia Set to Launch New Variant, SP Troches Mint!


Meiji Indonesia, a leading company in the healthcare product industry, is gearing up to unveil the latest variant of its highly popular SP Troches. This new variant, SP Troches Mint, will officially hit the shelves for consumers starting on November 15, 2023.


SP Troches Mint is formulated by combining Dequalinium Chloride 0.25 mg and a mint flavor, offering a distinct sensation compared to its previous flavors of melon and strawberry.


Introducing Refreshing Mint Sensation


SP Troches Mint marks the latest innovation by Meiji Indonesia in meeting consumer demands for a different sensation beyond sweetness. It provides a unique experience for users seeking an effective way to soothe sore throats while delivering a refreshing sensation.


Guaranteed Quality, Compliant with Indonesian BPOM Regulations


As a company deeply committed to product quality and safety, Meiji Indonesia ensures that SP Troches Mint meets the health standards set by Indonesia's Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM). The product launch follows a series of clinical trials and stringent production processes, instilling consumer confidence in its consumption.


Advantages of SP Troches Mint:


Refreshing Mint Flavor: SP Troches Mint offers a refreshing mint taste for the mouth and throat.


High-Quality Formula: Formulated with high-quality ingredients (Dequalinium Chloride 0.25mg), SP Troches Mint is designed to alleviate sore throats.


Convenient and Safe On-the-Go: Its practical packaging allows SP Troches Mint to be easily carried anywhere, ready to relieve sore throats whenever needed.


Compliant with BPOM Standards: SP Troches Mint has passed clinical trials and meets all requirements set by Indonesia's BPOM, making it a safe and trusted choice for Indonesian consumers.


Available from November 15, 2023


Meiji Indonesia proudly announces that SP Troches Mint will be available in various outlets and pharmacies across Indonesia from November 15, 2023. Experience a new level of freshness with SP Troches Mint, convenient for soothing sore throats and delivering a refreshing mint sensation.


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